Top Twitter Accounts to Learn English

Learning English online isn't easy, and your best options are generally actual online classes with real teachers, but Twitter does have some great ESL sites to help you improve your English in 140 characters! Here's a list of our favorite accounts. 

15. Evil English

What makes them so great: sense of humor, useful idioms, funny images


What makes them so great: creative emojis, sample dialogues, synonym lists

13. Idiom Land

What makes them so great: clean design, video clips, useful idioms

12. Jeffrey Wong

What makes them so great: funky aesthetic, grammar info, kitties

11. Al Slagle 

What makes them so great: quick pronunciation tips, cultural insights, lots of content

10. Funky English 

What makes them so great: vocabulary quizzes, slang, Britishisms

9. Vocabulary Page

What makes them so great:  animated posts, clean design, clear layout

8. Next Step English 

What makes them so great: lots of quizzes, fun imagery, retweets of other great accounts

7. KSE Academy 

What makes them so great: beautiful design, grammar charts, daily paper

6. The YUNiversity

What makes them so great: fun videos, lots of variety, volume of content

5. BBC Learning English 

What makes them so great: The best thing about the BBC is that they're the BBC, bringing a great deal of authority and rich content.

4. Ginseng English 

What makes them so great: We had to mention ourselves! We take pride in well designed, clear English learning graphics covering all four skills and plenty of vocab and grammar.

3. A+ Australia Plus 

What makes them so great: Lots of A+'s content links to their blog, but there's no denying they're pumping out a ton of fantastic ESL resources.

2. Woodward English 

What makes them so great: Woodward produces a whole lot of great English learning content, but what makes them stand out from our perspective is their detailed, clear grammatical charts. 

1. ELLA Language

What makes them so great: ELLA is our pick for the best resource to learn English on Twitter. They not only post high-quality, well-designed graphics across the four English skills, they post a great variety of it! Congrats, ELLA, and keep up the great content!