We recently completed Sensory Verbs week on the Ginseng English Blog, covering one sense each day. 

We know the world through our eyes, our ears, our fingers, our noses, and our mouths. Sensory verbs (or sense verbs) are the verbs we use to talk about our five senses in English. 

There are three basic ways that we can use sensory verbs in English.

The first is for when we unintentionally sense something. For instance, I am sitting in my room and I hear thunder outside. I'm not trying to hear thunder. I am just sitting here, and the sound reaches my ears. Hear is the way we describe the passive sense of hearing.

The second way we talk about sensory verbs is when we actively, intentionally use our senses. For example, my soup comes, and I am excited to try it. I put my nose close to the bowl and I smell the soup. Then I take my spoon and I taste my soup.

The final type of sensory verb is a bit different. The first two types describe what people do. with their senses. But the third type of sensory verb talks about the things that we sense. The thunder sounds scary. The soup tastes delicious. The movie looks amazing.

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