Ginseng is an online English school. It is not tutoring or 1-on-1 teaching on Skype. We have real classes with real teachers, real materials, a real curriculum, and real friends from around the world.Β 

Good question! First request a FREE demo with one of our staff. Then we'll figure out the best program for you!Β 

Tutoring is a good idea if you need help answering some specific questions or if you are struggling with a particular challenge. Tutoring is not a good way to learn English. Talking to one native speaker on Skype is not the best way to learn English. We acquire a language by communicating at our level, and interacting with other students is the best way to do this.
If you really would like 1-on-1 sessions with one of our teachers, check out Ginseng ONE

Ginseng provides access to e-books, included in the price of your course. Unfortunately, if you would like a paper book, we are unable to ship internationally at this time.
Students receive one copy of each e-book at a time, regardless of how many courses they register for. That is, if you register for 3 classes that use the Oxford Picture Dictionary, you only receive one copy of the book. This allows us to keep classes affordable.

Ginseng does provide free English classes to students with a financial need, but these are currently only available to students through our nonprofit partners.

At Ginseng we hire the best English teachers around. Some of are teachers are native speakers and others are not. There is no evidence that native speakers are better teachers. See our Research and Methods section for more information on this.

Yes and no. We have many academic English classes that will help prepare you for these tests. However, we do not believe in "test preparation" which teaches strategies separate from English. We want to teach you the English that will help you succeed on test and in university.

Zoom works best on a computer and requires an up/down speed of 2 Mbps. Before your class, test your wifi speed here. If your wifi speed isn't fast enough, e-mail us and we can help you find another solution.