Ginseng English is an online English school. We teach video English classes with the best English teachers online. Ginseng is the best way to learn English online quickly and easily.

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Our teachers at Ginseng English are experts with decades of experience around the world. We choose our teachers carefully and pay them well.
Happy teachers mean happy students, and happy students learn English faster!

After each class, you will receive a personal email from your teacher with individual feedback, vocabulary lists and grammar charts, and pictures of the whiteboard, for self study before the next class!

Many online English programs use homemade materials or simply photocopy textbooks. Your classes at Ginseng English include the best materials, from Oxford, National Geographic, and Pearson with fascinating videos, pictures, and infographics!

Most online English programs use Skype. Skype is great for talking to a friend, but not great for teaching an English class. Ginseng uses Zoom, a more advanced app that allows teachers to run interactive, exciting online English class, just like a real classroom.

The most important part of an English class is the time when you communicate with your classmates, so every Ginseng class includes group and partner activities that will have you speaking and interacting, just like in a classroom.

Our curriculum is expertly designed to guide students from beginner to advanced levels. It is aligned to the Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR), an international standard for languages learning.

A Real Online English School

Not all online English programs are the same. We don’t learn a language by talking one-on-one with a native speaker. If you want to improve,  you have to speak with other learners at a level close to your level. This is what makes Ginseng different.

Real teachers. Engaging materials. Strong curriculum. Students from around the world.

Student Testimonials

When you are studing with Rob you don´t have the feeling that you are learning with a teacher. You are learning with a friend. Rob have the perfect skills to connect with you. It doesn´t matter where you come, your age or nature. He knows how to adopt to you, you don´t have to adapt to him.

When I first came to Boston five years ago, my knowledge of the English language was non-existent. I truly cannot express how lucky I am that I had Rob as a teacher. Not only was his ability to break down and teach English to us amazing, but he also encouraged us to not be afraid to make mistakes. Although I became fluent in English, I still cannot find the words to explain how wonderful my experience with him was.

Rob's teaching skills and guidance enabled me to make significant progress with my English proficiency. I would describe Rob as professional, patient, highly knowledgeable, and supportive. His lessons were engaging and motivating.

3 Steps to English with Ginseng

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