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The internet is giving us all kinds of fun new ways to learn English from home. Instagram is one platform with a ton of free resources for studying. There are teachers sharing pronunciation videos, grammar charts, new vocabulary words each day.

Below we have assembled a list of the best ones you will find. We looked at accounts that are creating their own content and sharing it regularly. Some of these accounts are in English only, and some others are bilingual, but every account on the list shares content that should be useful, regardless of your first language.

Please share and let us know in the comments if there are other accounts we should add! We will update this list periodically.


Powerful English 🇧🇷

Professor Alves of Powerful English posts a strong mix of explainer videos (in Portuguese), blackboard captures of lexical chunks and illustrations, nicely designed idiom cards, and of course the occasional promotional post. It’s a relatively new account, but quality content from the very start!

English Today  🇮🇩

English Today Bandung posts a variety of content, from general study tips, to illustrated idioms and sayings, to synonyms for developing a more advanced vocabulary. And if you speak Indonesian, check out the videos from Mr. D!

Jessica Sunny side

Jessica Sunny Side intermixes photos from her daily life in Vietnam with English content shared on theme-based days, including Homophonic Monday, Idiomatic Tuesday, Phonetic Wednesday, Phrasal Friday, and Conversational Saturday.

Pronunciation with Emma

Emma is a teacher from England. Each video is very short and focused on a particular challenging word in English. She pronounces the word, shares a specific tip related to its sound, pronounces it once more, and that’s it! A bite-sized way to improve your pronunciation!

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English with Benjamin

Benjamin is an English teacher with a great sense of humor and some hilarious facial expressions. He shares a lot of colloquial British phrases and idioms to help you sound like a native speaker. Benjamin clearly enjoys what he’s doing and his positive energy is contagious!

Ginseng English

We had to include our own account! We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think we could produce some of the best content out there. We focus on a variety of bright, eye-catching visuals that teach and engage at the same time.

Tolya English

This is an awesome account. Tolya edits together clips from some of your favorite TV shows—Family Guy, Brooklyn 99, Friends—with his own explanation of practical English phrases that you can use in your daily life.

my little english page

Marine of My Little English Page is a teacher living in Seville, Spain. What sets her account apart is that she focuses a great deal on scheduled live broadcasts that you can tune in for! She also shares a whole lot of quizzes and conversation questions!

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Andreina Baroni 

Andreina Baroni shares lots of nicely designed graphics that you ought to be saving for reference! Easily confused words (like quiet, quite, quit), historical quotations, and useful phrases for particular situations!

EnglishDom 🇷🇺 

Englishdom posts a bit in Russian, but there’s plenty of stuff on their for learners from any country. Their weekly word searches are a really fun way to kill some time and their series of “Other Ways to Say” will keep you from sounding like a broken record!

Easy Peasy English 🇷🇺

This one is good for Russian speakers. Easy Peasy English has a simple formula for their posts, but they do it well. Each post is a vivid photo or still from a familiar movie. Beneath that, they print the translation and phonetic pronunciation of the word.

English Words & Daily Videos 🇯🇵

Doston's well-produced videos are bilingual in English and Japanese. He has a great format. He’ll introduce a phrase and its translation, then explain it for a moment, and then give you some real-world examples, often from familiar movies.

Cambridge University Press Spain 🇪🇸

Cambridge University Press is one of the biggest names in English teaching, but their Spanish language account produces some of their best content. Clear, well-designed graphics and bilingual explanations. Don’t miss this one!

Open English 🇪🇸

Another great bilingual Spanish/English account, Open English posts tons of brightly colored, clear posts featuring high quality photography and clear explanations. One thing that makes them stand out is their emphasis on pronunciation!

A post shared by Open English (@openenglish) on

A post shared by Open English (@openenglish) on

Fun & Functional English

This account has a nice consistent visual theme: everything is “written” on a chalkboard, often with fun expressions from your teacher, Nataly, in the corner. Idioms, quotes, activities, and lots of writing tips!

English Worm 🇮🇷

This is a bilingual Persian/English account. Simple posts, alternating pink and blue, with English phrases, sentences, and inspirational quotations. Check them out!

safir language academy mazand 🇸🇦

Safir Language Academy’s Manzadaran branch posts some great bilingual Persian/English content! The strongest thing about this account is variety. You get book recommendations, idioms, practical phrases, inspirational quotes, all in the same place!

Engoo online English 🇨🇳

Engoo’s Taiwanese account is a great Chinese/English bilingual account to follow. Lots of clean, nicely branded content, each with a cartoon illustration and a word or phrase or quiz. A newer account, but they’re starting strong!

Oxford Reading tree korea 🇰🇷

This account has one particular type of post that they share, but it’s a good one. Their posts contain two to three sentences in English with words missing. At the bottom are words you can choose to complete the sentences. These exercises, called cloze exercises are a great way to practice your grammar!



Englishism shares a diverse selection of quotes (think everyone from Eminem to Dickens), lots of casual British English and slang, and plenty of jokes to keep you laughing while you learn!

A post shared by Englishism (@english.ism) on

A post shared by Englishism (@english.ism) on

Inglês Nativo

This is a simple, consistent account. Phrases in English translated into Portuguese, with the occasional inspirational quote thrown in to keep you motivated. All on bright gradients with nice design.

Save Me Teacher 🇧🇷

Teacher Carla with the ever-changing hair color shares all kinds of practical, funny English tips and phrases. There is a lot of focus on practical, everyday English, rather than idioms and sayings. Also check out her schedule of live classes!

A post shared by Teacher Silvia (@teacher_sil) on

A post shared by Teacher Silvia (@teacher_sil) on

Biga Amerikan Kültür 🇹🇷

The best thing about this account is their nicely designed, informative series of phrasal verbs, each translated into Turkish and accompanied by an example of the word in use. They also share photos of their students in action, a great personal touch!


Avcılar ingiliz Kültür 🇹🇷

This great account out of Turkey shares some inspirational quotes in English, plenty of phrasal verbs translated into English, and lots of fun graphics. They don’t have many followers yet, so let’s change that!

Good vibes english 🇵🇱

This bilingual Polish/English site has the usual English phrases and pronunciation tips, but they also share occasional riddles to get you thinking. Oh, and the best thing about this account? Plenty of food vocabulary!

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