Using the Simple Present Tense in English

The simple present tense is used for actions that happen again and again. This can be routines and habits, and also things that are currently, always, or generally true. It is also used to describe feelings, emotions, and our senses.

Examples of the simple Present tense

To state facts:

The earth moves around the sun.

The opposite of black is white. 

Your mother's mother is your grandmother.

To describe habits and routines:

I wake up at 7:00.

I brush my teeth every day.

I take my vacation every August.

Forming the Simple present tense

In English, regular verbs take the base form of the verb, except he, she, and it, which add an -s.

1ST I jog we jog
2ND you jog you jog
3RD he jogs they jog


  • Adverbs of frequency are often used with the simple present tense.

Other Forms

Question, negatives, and passive forms coming soon!

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