Is the Phrase "You're Welcome" dying?

When we study English, one of the first things we learn is that the response to thank you is you're welcome, right?

A recent article in The Huffington Post says the you're welcome is slowly disappearing, and phrases like no worries, no problem, of course, and sure thing are replacing it. Is it because we are becoming rude? Not according to the writer. Rather, it's that you're welcome doesn't sound humble enough. It sounds like the thanks was necessary and appropriate, like you're tooting your own horn. On the other hand, no problem downplays things, making it seem like it really was no problem.

Since it sounds like you shouldn't say you're welcome all the time anymore, here's some other phrases you can consider using! Some alternatives are "no problem," "no worries," or "you got it." Check the graphic out for more!

  Are you already using any of these? Are any new to you?

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