English Vocabulary for Parts of a House

Let's take a look at some common words to describe parts of a house!

To go into a house, you use the door. Many houses have a front door and a back door. When you want to look outside, you can look out the window. Windows bring in lots of light and make a house brighter. If it's too bright, or if there's a storm, your house might have shutters on each side of the windows. If you shut the shutters, the windows are protected, and it becomes darker inside. 

On the top of each house is a roof. The roof keeps you dry if it is raining! The roof is supported by walls

Some houses have a fireplace inside so that you can have a fire to keep warm. But if you have a fireplace, it is important to have a chimney, too! The chimney takes smoke from the fire outside so your house isn't smoky!

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English Vocabulary - Parts of a House

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