ginseng impact

So, you know Ginseng English gives you some of the best content out there for learning English, and you've probably heard that we have online English classes on the way.

But I want to share something you might not have heard about Ginseng. Ginseng is a social enterprise. When you register for English classes at Ginseng, you aren't just paying for excellent classes with happy, well-paid teachers; you're helping someone else to learn. The cost of your classes helps to support others who can't afford to pay for English but desperately need it.

In the United States, every single state has long waiting lists for free English classes. New immigrants often have to wait years to get into classes. For these immigrants, English isn't just a luxury; it's a survival tool. Likewise, in many other countries, English is an opportunity to escape from poverty, but there often aren't enough resources to reach all those in need.

That's why Ginseng English commits 1 in every 10 class seats to those in need, completely free. They get the same classes as everyone else. We donate textbooks and materials to these students. By 2020, we want to increase that to 50% of students. We call this Ginseng Impact.

Ginseng Impact
Social Enterprise: 10% Free to Those in Need