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I have worked with international students in the US for 8 years. ย I got my start at an ESL school in Boston, and then worked at Berklee College of Music for 5 years, most recently serving as assistant director of international student services. ย I share you passion for travel, having studied in Spain and Israel, and am now traveling the world as part of the English Anywhere tour!ย If have any questions, or are interested in scheduling an advising appointment, send me an email!


If you want to study in the U.S. as an international student, I recommend consulting Sarah! As my international advisor, she knows everything from applying for the right VISA, getting the correct educational transcript, and other tips and tricks as a non-American. She is professional yet very friendly and cheerful. It has been a joy to consult her for international advising!

Sarah is extremely clear, supportive and open-minded. Her energy and kindness are a great inspiration for me. With her help, I prepared all the documentation for my college application in the US. She was always willing to assist me at every step and guided me through the process.

Sarah was always here for me when I needed advise as an international student. She would find a moment to help me through the busiest times at Berklee. When I faced some challenges, she made it all feel easy and simple. I donโ€™t know what I would have done without her.

If you need a student international advisor, Sarah is the right person to see no matter where you come from. When I came to Boston from the Dominican Republic, Sarah was my advisor. She helped me navigate the paperwork to study and gave me the opportunity to get my first job in the US. She is very professional, passionate and enthusiastic. Even though my communication skills were not the greatest, she was able to understand me and guide me in the right direction.