Sheppard was inspired to create Ginseng, an online English school that will charge market-rate tuition to some students, using the money to subsidize class slots for those who canโ€™t afford to pay.

The Boston Globe recently published a profile on Ginseng founder Rob Sheppard

Ginseng in CauseArtist Magazine


Cause Artist Magazine recently published a profile on Ginseng Impact. Head over to their website to read!

There are certainly lots of times when I think the whole field needs to be razed and rebuilt. But at heart Iโ€™m not much of a revolutionary. Most of the time I just think, this could be done better. Recently I guess Iโ€™ve grown cocky enough to start thinking I could do this better. So Iโ€™m trying. Thatโ€™s what Ginseng is: an attempt to do it better.

Ginseng at TEFL Equity Advocates

Ginseng founder Rob Sheppard recently wrote an article over at the TEFL Equity Blog about why ginseng has committed not to discriminate in hiring teachers. Head over to the blog to read!

Iโ€™ve had the pleasure and privilege of leading teams of teachers, of hiring, training, and promoting some amazing ELT professionals. That first experience with the injustice of native-speakerism has stuck with me, and Iโ€™ve done what I can to make certain it never happens on my watch, in my programs. I can say with confidence that the three best hires Iโ€™ve ever made were of non-native speakers.