General English Program

Our general English programs use highly engaging materials and an interactive approach to take you from a basic level (A1) to high intermediate proficiency (B2). These are actual online English classes with expert teachers and students from around the world, not an app, not individual tutoring, not YouTube videos.

Choose Your Program

Ginseng English offers three price points. All options include 12 hours of class per month.

  • Trial
  • $99 / month
  • watch classes
  • review emails
  • Complete
  • $499 / month
  • participate in classes
  • review emails
  • homework and correction
  • books and materials
  • CEFR Certificate
  • Premium
  • $749 / month
  • participate in classes
  • review emails
  • homework and correction
  • books and materials
  • CEFR Certificate
  • review videos
  • personal learning plan
  • academic advising


In our General English program, you will develop all four skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—and also learn about the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of English.

Our classes focus on real conversation with your teacher and your classmates. You won't just study from a book, you'll speak with interesting people from around the world.

The general English curriculum is expertly designed and aligned with the Common European Framework (CEFR), an international standard for language learning. 

Ginseng English Curriuculum

The courses combine three essential elements of language learning:

  • input from videos and texts
  • instruction on grammar and vocabulary 
  • interacting with new language in conversation with classmates


Ginseng Textbooks

In Ginseng English classes, you will get real e-books, not photocopies or homemade activities.

We select the best texts available from major publishers like Oxford University Press, Pearson Longman, and National Geographic Learning,

Review Emails

After each Ginseng class, you will receive a review email from your teacher to help you study at home! Every email is different, but they will generally include your whiteboard from class, vocabulary words and grammar charts to study, your homework, and of course words of encouragement from your teacher!

Flexible Schedule

Our group classes are available at a number of convenient times, and our individual classes are available 24/7.

Sign up as a group of 3 or more and we can customize a class around your schedule!

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