English Idiom - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

What is more peaceful than a sleeping dog? If you wake up a sleeping dog, you never know what might happen: They could either give you a big kiss, or a big bite! 

Today's expression is let sleeping dogs lie, which means that you should not bring up old fights or conflicts. Instead, it is best to just forget them and let them be. This is especially common if an argument has been dropped, but not resolved. Letting sleeping dogs lie is a way of keeping the peace and avoiding conflict.

Here are some examples!


My sister was wearing the shirt that I know she stole from me, but we were having a peaceful family dinner so I decided to just let sleeping dogs lie and not bring it up.

Hannah got her test back and noticed that the teacher made a mistake on her grade. She was getting an A in the class anyway, so she decided to let sleeping dogs lie and not bother asking the teacher to correct it.

Alex knew that him and his girlfriend would never come to an agreement about whose turn it was to do the dishes, so he thought it was best to let sleeping dogs lie and just do them himself. 

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