why are online english  classes in groups better?

Many online English schools out there are advertising one-on-one lessons with native speakers via Skype. Ginseng doesn’t do this. Want to know why? Read on!

When you go to an English school, they don’t just sit you in a small room with one teacher, right? Why is that? Well, because we don’t learn English quickly and easily by talking to just one person. Language is social. 

In good English classes, you will be placed in a class full of other students who are at the same level as you. The best English teachers may teach some grammar or vocabulary to the whole class, but then she will put you in situations where you have to use that language with your classmates. You will have practice conversation in English with the whole class, with small groups of 3-4 students, or in pairs. A good teacher will give you problems to solve together, projects to complete in English. THIS is the most important part of your language learning! It’s not just listening to the teacher talk about grammar.

Similarly, having a group of other students around you is very important for your motivation. If you just meet with one teacher hour after hour, week after week, both the teacher and the student struggle to maintain the conversation and the interest. If you are surrounded by many different people with many different opinions and experiences, you will stay more engaged and motivated! 

This is why we focus on group English classes at Ginseng! Join one today!