Demo Discount: Ginseng English - Complete

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Demo Discount: Ginseng English - Complete

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10% discount for demo students!

Only valid only for students in Ana’s free demo class on September 12th.

This offer expires on September 15th, so book now!

Our general English programs use highly engaging materials and an interactive approach to take you from a basic level to advanced proficiency. These are actual classes with students from around the world, not individual tutoring.

These classes take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the SAME TIME as the demo class did, which was 17:00 GMT+1 (London time).

Ginseng English Complete Group Classes

  • Complete
  • $449 / month
  • 12 group classes
  • personal learning plan
  • review emails
  • homework and correction
  • books and materials
  • CEFR Certificate