English Vocabulary - Things in a Living Room: 2

Last week we brought you β€œThings in a Living Room”.  This week we have part two!

You will see a couple of the same things in this second living room for a little review! πŸ€“

As we mentioned last week, the living room is the room in a house that is most comfortable and welcoming. 

Let’s start in the center of this picture and work our way around it. In the center, you will see a piece of art with trees on it. πŸ–ΌπŸŒ³ You can also call this a painting.  

To the right, we have a bookshelf. Last week we talked about a bookcase. A bookcase is a piece of furniture that has many bookshelves in it. But you can also just have a bookshelf on your wall, like we see here! On this bookshelf, you will find a blue vase and are a couple of books βš±οΈπŸ“š. 

Things in a Living Room: 2

On the floor, under the artwork is a lounge chair. A lounge chair is different from a couch because it usually fits only one person.  Lounge means to to sit back and relax, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do in a living room! On the lounge chair there are two throw pillows

Next to the lounge chair is a footrest. A footrest is a small piece of furniture next to a chair that you can rest (or relax) your feet on. On top of the foot rest is a cushion.

To the left of the lounge chair is a side table. We call it a side table because it is a small table that we keep on the side of a couch or chair.  On top of the side table is another vase with some flowers. πŸ’Next to the flowers is an old radio, which plays music or the news. πŸ“» 

Did we miss anything?  How is this living room different from yours?  πŸ€”

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