English Vocabulary - Things in a Living Room

Let’s talk about the things in this living room. But, before we even get to that, you may be wondering, what exactly is a living room? Well, in America, we call the room where the family hangs out and relaxes the living room.  The living room is usually on the first floor of the house. 🏡 There are typically comfortable chairs or couches in it, and it is just a nice room to spend time together. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Take a look at the picture, and follow with me as we go left to right identifying things in this living room.

First you will see a floor lamp.  A lamp is the machine that makes light, usually with a lightbulb. 💡 This type of lamp is called a floor lamp because it sits on the floor.

This family really likes a bright room because they have 3 lights in it!  Next to the pole lamp is the overheard light.  Overhead means over your head! 👆🏼 You may remember this from the Ginseng Blog post “Things in the Kitchen.”  This overhead light is hanging above the couch.

Next to the overheard light is a nice piece of art or artwork. 🖼 You can also call this a painting. 🎨

To the right of the artwork is the bookcase. A bookcase is a piece of furniture that is usually tall and made out of wood, and we put books on, or other things that we want to display or organize.

This bookcase has a small pink lamp on top of it. Next to the lamp is a house plant. 🌿 A house plant is just what it sounds like, a plant that lives in your house! This room actually has a couple of house plants.

On the second shelf from the top there two vases. 🏺🏺 Vases are containers for plants or flowers. But some are just decorative, meaning they don’t actually hold flowers. They just look pretty! 

Under the vases and books are two more house plants, including a cactus.🌵 A cactus is that plant that grows in the desert and has sharp spikes on it.

In the middle of the room is the big soft piece of furniture that we all love to sit on. In America we call this either a sofa or couch. 🛋 A couch can usually fit two or three people on it. On the couch you will find throw pillows which are usually just decorative! Under the throw pillows are the cushions which are the big soft pillows that are a part of the couch.  

Well, that’s all for this living room!  Does this room look familiar?  What is the room in your house where you hang out with your family called? 🤔

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