English Vocabulary - Things in a Kitchen

This Ginseng English blog post is about things you find in a kitchen. The kitchen is the room in a house where people cook and make food. Kitchens look very different all over the world because every culture cooks food differently! This kitchen is typical of what you would find in an American home.

I don't know about you, but the first thing i noticed was that cake πŸŽ‚ in the oven 🀀.  In America, most kitchens have an oven, which is a machine that gets very hot inside and is used to bake food such as a cake, pizza or bread, but can also be used to roast meat, such as a Thanksgiving turkey πŸ₯˜ πŸ¦ƒ.

Hanging on the oven is a is a thick piece of cloth or fabric called a dish towel.   We use this for just about everything in the kitchen, such as taking hot pots 🍳 off the stove, or cleaning up something we spill! 

On top of the oven there is a stove with burners with fire. πŸ”₯The stove is used to stir fry vegetables, fry meat, boil noodles, or steam fish.

On the stove, it is common to find a tea kettle. In many countries, people boil their water in an electric kettle, but Americans often use a kettle on the stove to boil their water for tea. The tea kettle makes a whistling noise when the water is boiling, and then we can pour the hot water into our tea or coffee cup! πŸ΅β˜•οΈ

To the left of the tea kettle on the stove, you will see a pot. 🍲 A pot is a container usually made out of steel, aluminum, ceramic or glass which we boil food in on the stove. For example, we might make soup 🍜 , oatmeal, or macaroni and cheese in a pot.

Above the stove is a range hood. A range hoodalso known as an exhaust fan πŸ’¨, has a big hood with a fan in it, and hangs above the stoveIt helps get rid of grease, smoke, and odors from whatever is cooking on the stove below it by sucking it up through the fan.

Next to the range hood are some overhead lights πŸ’‘ hanging  from the ceiling. Overhead literally means something that is over your head! These lights are here so that the chef can easily see what they are cooking.

To the left of the lights and near the floor are cabinets, which are shelves with a door that hang on the wall, usually made out of wood or glass. We store pots, pans, plates  and other big kitchen supplies in cabinets.

Under the overhead cabinet there is the microwave . The microwave is a special kind of oven that cooks food really fast with electricity! ⚑️ We use the microwave a lot when we are feeling lazy because it warms up food faster than the oven does πŸ˜‚.

Under the microwave is a drawer, where we keep kitchen supplies in, such as utensils (forks, spoons and knives 🍴 ), spices, or extra dish towels.

Above the cabinet you will see the sink and the faucet 🚰. The faucet is a metal pipe where water comes out and flows into the sink. In the sink, we wash our dishes with soap and water.

Did we miss anything? How does this kitchen look different from the one you have at home?

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