English Vocabulary - Things in a Bedroom

In today's blog post, we will learn vocabulary to describe the things in a typical American bedroom. The most important thing in a bedroom is the bed, so let's start there!

In the center of the room you can see the bed. For your reference, when talking about a bed, we typically call the top of the bed where your head goes the head of the bed and the bottom of the bed where your feet go is known as the foot of the bed. 

A bed has different parts. There is the bed frame, which sits on the floor and  holds the mattress, the soft thing that we sleep on! Bed frames can be made out of wood or metal. At the head of the bed, there is a piece of furniture called the headboard. According to Wikipedia,  bed frames "historically, served to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings, and thus were made of wood." Nowadays, we hope that your room is warm enough that the headboard is just decorative!

The bed has two blue pillows on it at the head of the bed. On top of the bed there is a nice warm bedspread, or blanket. We can also call this a comforter, or a duvet cover. 

At the foot of the bed, on the floor, you will see a box with a cushion on top. This box can open up and be used to hold things. We might call this box either a an ottoman or a hope chest.

You might notice that both the bed and the stool have legs which are the little pieces of wood that hold the furniture off the ground.

To the right of the bed is a dresser or bureau with many drawers. There are probably clothes stored in here. On top of the dresser there is a vanity mirror. 

Behind the bed on the wall you can see yellow wallpaper. This room is very bright and cheerful, with two, nice, big, sunny arched windows. We call these windows "arched" to describe the half circle shape on top. There is even a happy little house plant sitting on the windowsill. Hanging from the windows are curtains which we close to help keep the light out while we sleep. Curtains hang from a curtain rod.

To the left of the windows there is a shelf with books on it. 

Under the shelf you will find a green bedside lamp sitting on the bedside table or nightstand. In case you couldn't guess, we call these "bedside" because they sit at the side of the bed!  ybeaM this person uses the bedside lamp to read their books at night before falling asleep.

Hopefully reading this blog post about the things in a bedroom didn't make you too sleepy! How is this bedroom different than yours? Did we miss anything? What does your bedroom look like?

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Things in a Bedroom