is coding more important than English?

Apple CEO Tim Cook caused some controversy this week when he said that he believes learning coding is more important for students around the world than learning English. His exact words are below:

If I were a French student and I were 10 years old, I think it would be more important to learn coding than English. I’m not telling people not to learn Englishβ€”but this is a language that you can [use to] express yourself to 7 billion people in the world. I think coding should be required in every public school in the world.
— Tim Cook

There were different responses to Cook's words. Some people agreed, and some think he is wrong. Fortune said, "Acquiring coding skills makes financial sense," because coding can help you get many high-paying jobs. But, as Quartz points out, "it’s very difficult to become a good or even decent programmer without working knowledge of English."

What do you think? Is coding the language of the future, or will English remain important?

Answer in the comments!

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