English Vocabulary - Reading Web Symbols

Even for intermediate and advanced English students, it can sometimes be a challenge to share something as simple as your email address! That's because of all these funny symbols and their funny names that we need to read.

It's important to note that these same symbols have different names when we are not talking about the internet. For example, [.] is called a dot when it's in an email address or website, but in math we say point and in English we call it a period. Similarly, [-] is a dash when we're talking about the internet, but we call it a hyphen when it connects two words in English!.

Here are six of the most common web symbols and how to say them aloud:

 Reading Web Symbols in English

Reading Web Symbols in English

How to Read Web Symbols in English
Symbol What to Say IPA Example Example Sentence
@ at /æt/ john@gmail.com My email is John at Gmail dot com.
- dash /dæʃ/ carlita-cole@yahoo.com It's Carlita dash Cole at Yahoo dot com.
_ underscore /ˌʌndərˈskɔr/ carlita_cole@yahoo.com It's Carlita underscore Cole at Yahoo dot com.
/ slash /slæʃ/ www.ginse.ng/blog Go to W-W-W dot G-I-N-S-E dot N-G slash blog for English resources!
# hashtag /ˌhæʃtæg/ #TBT Use hashtag TBT for Throwback Thursday.
. dot /dɑt/ uber.com The website is Uber dot com.

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