English Idiom - Sick as a Dog

Today's idiom is sick as a dog. This expression actually dates back to the 1700s when there weren't many veterinarians to help sick dogs, so it was common for dogs to be very sick. Now, if someone is very, very ill, we say that they are "sick as a dog." 🐢😷 

Here’s some examples!


Rebecca ate a bad hamburger and got food poisoning. Her boss said to her, "Rebecca, you look as sick as a dog, you need to go home right now!"

Jennifer was very tired while traveling in Costa Rica. She thought she was just homesick, but realized she was running a fever. She finally admitted that she was sick as a dog and went to the hospital.  πŸ€’

I don't know what was in that seafood dinner, but afterwards, everyone in my family was sick as a dog!

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