English Idiom - Low Hanging Fruit

Today's idiom is low hanging fruit. We use this expression to describe the tasks or jobs that are the easiest to finish first, don't require a lot of hard work, but make a big difference.

The reason we describe the easiest jobs as low hanging fruit is because the fruit that is hanging lowest on a tree is always the easiest to pick! Once you take care of the low hang fruit, you can work to pick the fruit that is higher from the ground.

Here are some examples!


When trying to sell their new product, the company called customers who had already bought from them first. They seemed like low hanging fruit.

I needed to save some money, so when I looked at my budget, I decided to cut out the low hanging fruit first, and stop getting so many drinks with friends! 

The website needed a lot of improvements, but we had to take it one step at a time so we started with the low hanging fruit, such as changing the color scheme and fixing the homepage.

This article about healthcare is good, but it seems like the writer chose to write only about the low hanging fruit issues, and not the more complex ones that really need to be talked about.


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