English Idiom - A Bird's-Eye View

Today's Ginseng English idiom is a bird's eye view. How does the world look to a bird flying high above the earth? Probably similar to your perspective if you are in a tall building or an airplane. This is what we mean when we say you have a bird's-eye view. 

Punctuation Note

Notice that we put a hyphen (-) in bird's-eye. This is because, together the words bird's and eye are working like an adjective describing view. Whenever you have two words together working as an adjective to describe a noun, you should connect them with a hyphen.


I was nervous for my first hot-air balloon ride, but I really loved the bird's-eye view.

Drone cameras make it easy for anyone to get great pictures from a bird's eye view.

The bird's-eye view from the 25th floor was nice, but the elevator up was so slow.

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